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Fractals Vol 1


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Fractals is a collection of poetry that was part of John’s healing journey. He hopes it inspires others to acknowledge and walk through their pain so they can start healing as well.

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Why "Fractals" Now?

  Over the years, I’ve penned many things about my life. Fractals is a personal collection of some of them. These poems are facets of me, fractured pieces of my personality dealing, attempting to make sense out of the significant events that happened to me. These are very similar to things that happen to others – love and hate, good times, the bad, fantasy, comedy, social commentary, spiritual, nature, war, peace, real and imaginary characters, trauma. Perhaps, there’s a little part of all of you found in one of them.

I was sexually assaulted between the third and fourth grades. I never talked about it to anyone. Forty-two years later, after an alcohol-induced traffic accident gifted me a traumatic brain injury, things changed. I was forced to face my dark dirty secret. With my life spinning out of control and on the verge of losing everything I had worked so hard to attain, I called a crisis hotline. That was the start of my healing. Fractals is part of my journey. I’ve been writing poetry for decades. These are written pieces of me, the pieces that I’m trying to put back together.

All humans have a common bond; they are called traumas. They take no prisoners and unless they are dealt with properly, they continue to hold us back from living fulfilled lives. Putting your personal story out there is a risk. Yet, as we grow older, we see that everything in life has some risk involved. Risk makes life worth living. Accepting risk helps us to live our own purpose.

My purpose is to help others. I hope Fractals helps to fulfill that purpose.


I know a part of you may exist in one of my writings, perhaps in more. What fractals do you have in your life? What broken pieces are holding you back? What are your dreams? I want all of you reading this to know that whatever trauma you’ve experienced and whatever personal struggles you are having because of it, you’re not alone. You are never alone. Please believe me, your fight to heal, to find your purpose, to experience fulfillment in your life is well worth the fight. Keep going. I and many others support you.

Enjoy and thank you for reading my 'Fractals'.

John T. Krotec

Earth, 2020